Top rated Mountain Bikes under $1000

Top Mountain Bikes

Doing regular exercises is a great way to keep one healthy and fit. Also, there is no better way to remain healthy than by riding a mountain bike. A Mountain bike helps to increase your cardiovascular endurance, stamina and prevents you from gaining body fat. While running or jogging can be an alternative to riding a bike, you can strengthen your legs and lower body far better and easier while riding a bike.

Mountain bikes are a great mode of staying healthy and a very fast transportation mode. But, the question here is how to select a perfect bike for you among the unlimited options in the market? Follow our guide to choosing the best mountain bikes for sale under $1000.

MeraxFiniss Aluminium 21 Speed Mountain Bike

The MeraxFiniss is among the best lightweight, hard trail mountain bikes available for the beginners in the market today. The bike takes comfort levels of mountain bikes at an all new level with easy gear shifting and great handling, even on rough roads. Although the bike doesn’t arrive fully assemble, you can assemble it on your own very easily.

Stowabike 18 Speed Mountain Bike

The Stowabike is renowned in the market for producing good quality bikes at a very competitive price. This particular bike features a high-quality folding frame which can be easily assembled. This allows you to save some space in your household as you can fold the bike for storage. The bike is fitted with 18 different gear options to change the resistance on the bike. The hard frame makes sure that the bike is highly durable but the materials used make sure that it is quite lightweight. The bike can last any trail or bumpy roads for long durations.

Northwoods Aluminium Suspension Mountain Bike

The Aluminium Suspension Mountain bike for Northwoods is among the cheapest mountain bikes you can find in the market. While most people pre-conceive cheaper things as less durability, this is certainly not the case with this bike. It uses an aluminum frame and utilizes an active suspension to provide you with an uttermost comfort even on bumpy roads. However, few people might feel the bike to be slightly on the heavier side at 35 pounds.

Gravity Full Suspension Mountain Bike 2016

If you are looking for a fun to ride and a fast mountain bike, then this beauty from Gravity is the choice for you. This bike utilizes a combination of active suspensions on the front end to make your ride comfortable. This bike is easy to set-up, can be assembled easily and is lightweight despite a sturdy build. Certainly, worth every penny you decide to spend on it.

Diamondback Hard Trail Mountain Bike

Hard trail Mountain bikes are highly suitable for riders who like to go off tracks or for wild outdoor activities. For such people, this bike from Diamondback can be a dream as it provides you with a very smooth riding sensation even on bumpy roads due to a high-quality front suspension. The bike is highly durable yet very lightweight.

The Last Words

We hope that our list of bikes is able to help you fully to answer your question of what are some top mountain bikes under 1000 USD.

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