How to change Language in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a gaming application that was released by Niantic. It is a free game and it is a location based game. That means it uses your current location. It is an augmented reality game. The game was released in July 2016 and it became very popular. It was one of the most downloaded games during 2016.


The game uses a gamer’s device’s GPS to put you in the game. Firstly when you start the game you get to make your avatar. Then according to your location this avatar is shown to you on the map. Different wild Pokémon appear to you according to your location. For instance if you live by the forest you shall have more plant type Pokémon where as if you live by sea you shall see water Pokémon.

The Pokémon appear in the real world as if they are real and gamers can see them through their camera. To catch the Pokémon the gamers are provided with pokeballs. The gamers have to aim and throw the ball at a Pokémon to catch it. The gamers can use many things to lure the Pokémon. The game has many features and it is for free but some of its items can be bought through in app purchases.

How to change language in Pokémon Go?

Playing comfortably also requires understanding of language. If the game is in some language that you do not understand then that could be problematic. But many users are facing problem in changing the language of the game.As the game Pokémon Go is available in multiple languages so that people can play it in any language they desire. But many people are facing problem in getting the game in desired language. So here is how you can change the language in different devices –

  • For Android users the task is very simple. In android devices the game uses the language which is set default in the mobile. So to change the language of the game you have to change the language of your mobile in your settings. Whichever language your mobile uses the game will also use that language.
  • Foe iOS users it is more complicated. To change the language firstly select a country where the game has been launched. This will make the game ask you to change language. Also for this change you will have to make a new ID with the same country and language as you desire in the game. Also for some users changing the country in their Apple ID also worked out.

Final Words

The game became very popular because of being location based and augmented reality games. The game was so different from other games that Pokemon Go APK was downloaded more than 500 million times worldwide. The game is meant for all Android and iOS users. Even if the game has not been launched in your country you can download it. You just have to download it and let the fun begin.

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