Top rated Mountain Bikes under $1000

Top Mountain Bikes

Doing regular exercises is a great way to keep one healthy and fit. Also, there is no better way to remain healthy than by riding a mountain bike. A Mountain bike helps to increase your cardiovascular endurance, stamina and prevents you from gaining body fat. While running or jogging can be an alternative to riding a bike, you can strengthen your legs and lower body far better and easier while riding a bike.

Mountain bikes are a great mode of staying healthy and a very fast transportation mode. But, the question here is how to select a perfect bike for you among the unlimited options in the market? Follow our guide to choosing the best mountain bikes for sale under $1000.

MeraxFiniss Aluminium 21 Speed Mountain Bike

The MeraxFiniss is among the best lightweight, hard trail mountain bikes available for the beginners in the market today. The bike takes comfort levels of mountain bikes at an all new level with easy gear shifting and great handling, even on rough roads. Although the bike doesn’t arrive fully assemble, you can assemble it on your own very easily.

Stowabike 18 Speed Mountain Bike

The Stowabike is renowned in the market for producing good quality bikes at a very competitive price. This particular bike features a high-quality folding frame which can be easily assembled. This allows you to save some space in your household as you can fold the bike for storage. The bike is fitted with 18 different gear options to change the resistance on the bike. The hard frame makes sure that the bike is highly durable but the materials used make sure that it is quite lightweight. The bike can last any trail or bumpy roads for long durations.

Northwoods Aluminium Suspension Mountain Bike

The Aluminium Suspension Mountain bike for Northwoods is among the cheapest mountain bikes you can find in the market. While most people pre-conceive cheaper things as less durability, this is certainly not the case with this bike. It uses an aluminum frame and utilizes an active suspension to provide you with an uttermost comfort even on bumpy roads. However, few people might feel the bike to be slightly on the heavier side at 35 pounds.

Gravity Full Suspension Mountain Bike 2016

If you are looking for a fun to ride and a fast mountain bike, then this beauty from Gravity is the choice for you. This bike utilizes a combination of active suspensions on the front end to make your ride comfortable. This bike is easy to set-up, can be assembled easily and is lightweight despite a sturdy build. Certainly, worth every penny you decide to spend on it.

Diamondback Hard Trail Mountain Bike

Hard trail Mountain bikes are highly suitable for riders who like to go off tracks or for wild outdoor activities. For such people, this bike from Diamondback can be a dream as it provides you with a very smooth riding sensation even on bumpy roads due to a high-quality front suspension. The bike is highly durable yet very lightweight.

The Last Words

We hope that our list of bikes is able to help you fully to answer your question of what are some top mountain bikes under 1000 USD.

How to change Language in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a gaming application that was released by Niantic. It is a free game and it is a location based game. That means it uses your current location. It is an augmented reality game. The game was released in July 2016 and it became very popular. It was one of the most downloaded games during 2016.


The game uses a gamer’s device’s GPS to put you in the game. Firstly when you start the game you get to make your avatar. Then according to your location this avatar is shown to you on the map. Different wild Pokémon appear to you according to your location. For instance if you live by the forest you shall have more plant type Pokémon where as if you live by sea you shall see water Pokémon.

The Pokémon appear in the real world as if they are real and gamers can see them through their camera. To catch the Pokémon the gamers are provided with pokeballs. The gamers have to aim and throw the ball at a Pokémon to catch it. The gamers can use many things to lure the Pokémon. The game has many features and it is for free but some of its items can be bought through in app purchases.

How to change language in Pokémon Go?

Playing comfortably also requires understanding of language. If the game is in some language that you do not understand then that could be problematic. But many users are facing problem in changing the language of the game.As the game Pokémon Go is available in multiple languages so that people can play it in any language they desire. But many people are facing problem in getting the game in desired language. So here is how you can change the language in different devices –

  • For Android users the task is very simple. In android devices the game uses the language which is set default in the mobile. So to change the language of the game you have to change the language of your mobile in your settings. Whichever language your mobile uses the game will also use that language.
  • Foe iOS users it is more complicated. To change the language firstly select a country where the game has been launched. This will make the game ask you to change language. Also for this change you will have to make a new ID with the same country and language as you desire in the game. Also for some users changing the country in their Apple ID also worked out.

Final Words

The game became very popular because of being location based and augmented reality games. The game was so different from other games that Pokemon Go APK was downloaded more than 500 million times worldwide. The game is meant for all Android and iOS users. Even if the game has not been launched in your country you can download it. You just have to download it and let the fun begin.

Drink Clean And Pure Water

People these days are becoming more and more concerned about their health and they are investing in a lot of money to ensure they get the best for their family. Most people spend a fortune on organic fruits and vegetables; however this is not going to benefit you too much when you’re washing them with unfiltered water. While people believe that the water coming out of their taps is safe to drink, this is not always true. There are a number of factors that could cause the water that reaches your tap to be unfit to drink and this is why you need to consider investing in a water filter jug (top water filter jug reviews)


A water filter jug is an affordable and convenient way to ensure your family gets healthy drinking water at all times. It is also advised to use filtered water to clean your fruits and vegetables since tap water often contains a number of impurities which can cause a number of health related problems.  Tap water is often contaminated and this can cause major cell damage, weaken the immune system and make you more prone to various health conditions. Regular consumption of tap water is also known to cause cell mutation in the body.

A water filter jug is the easiest way to take away all impurities from the water. The water filter jug also helps retain all the necessary minerals that are beneficial for your health. People usually use age old methods of filtering water. One of the most common ways is by boiling water. However this method is time consuming and the water is not even ready for consumption immediately after boiling. Boiling also kills all the minerals in the water. Hence although boiling makes the water safe to consume it takes away the healthy minerals from it. With water filter jug all you need to do is pour the water into the jug and you can have safe and filtered water in a matter of seconds. The best water filter jugs use multiple levels of filtration hence if you have the best water filter jug you can be assured that the water is pure for consumption. This is unlike the water that is available in mineral water bottles. Most of these bottles cannot be trusted blindly. However water that you get from the water filter jug can be trusted blindly and is completely safe to use. If you are still unsure, we suggest you to read this article

Your Television In Your Pocket

ShowBox is one of the most popular movie and video streaming apps that is used by a number of people these days. If you don’t already have the app, there are a number of reasons why you should get the app installed into your phone as soon as possible. ShowBox is very convenient and it is one of the most user friendly apps that you will find these days. Apart from being free to download, this app enables you to watch some of the best movies that you will love. It has a large library of new as well as old movies that can be streamed whenever you want, no matter where you are. Click to open this web page to learn more.


ShowBox also allows you to catch up with some of your favorite television serials and shows. It helps you to stay updated with all the details on the show. You can watch the latest episodes as soon as it is aired on television. Forget recording shows and using up all the storage space on your devices, now stream them for free whenever you want to. This app also helps you to listen to some of the latest music, watch some videos and do a lot more.

With the ShowBox app you can save tremendous amount of money in the long run. One of the best forms of entertainment today is television and movie theaters. However televisions tend to rule your lives when you have to adjust your schedule as per their time schedule. They also charge a whopping amount on the monthly rental for all your channels. Movie theaters do not really work as per anyone’s schedule. They run the movies the entire day whether anyone is watching or not. Going to the movie theater also means spending on popcorn and other snacks. Not to mention the money spent on getting to the theater. However with the ShowBox app there are no such restrictions and expenses.

The ShowBox app (Download ShowBox for iOS i.e. iPhone and iPad) gives you the freedom to watch your favorite TV shows at any time. You also have the freedom of watching archived episodes of the TV show. This is a liberty that televisions do not give. Another huge advantage is that you do not need to be seated in front of the television or the movie theater screen to entertain yourself. You just need to search what you want to watch and just watch it.

Did You Know Hard Water Could Ruin Your Skin?

It’s a known fact that hard water leaves behind a residue that makes surfaces look white and blurry. If this water can ruin the appearance of surfaces such as glass and silver, have you ever realized how badly it could affect your skin? Hard water contains high levels of metals and minerals which can cause a number of skin irritations and problems. It can leave you with itchy skin, infections, allergies and a lot more. If you want your skin to look good and if you want to have healthy skin, it’s time you invested in a water softener (check out the best water softener reviews).


While most people try on expensive skin products with an aim to maintain the texture, elasticity and shine of their skin, none of these products will work if you have hard water running through your taps. Hard water is harsh, and it can cause a number of skin related problems. Since it doesn’t dilute well, it leaves behind a residue of the soap you use to cleanse your body and this dries up your skin. While you might not realize how bad it is during summer, you can end up with really dry, patchy and scaly skin in winters because of hard water.

One of the biggest advantages of a water softener is the amount of money that you will save in the long run. For starters you will spend lesser money on maintaining your appliances. All appliances especially water based appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers tend to have problems when hard water is used in the house. The deposits from the hard water cause a lot of damage to the appliances. This result in a lot more maintenance and more money spent on these appliances. Another major problem with hard water is the regular deposits in the plumbing pipes. The pipes will start getting clogged over a period of time. The problem with this clogging is that it cannot be cleared. The pipes need to be changed. It is not cheap to change pipes regularly in a house. This is another major expense that can be avoided simply by using a water softener.

Using a water softener is not just a short term solution. It can solve a lot of long term problems in no time. The life of all appliances and the life of clothes is extended and the amount of money spent is reduced. If this has intrigued you, then check out the reviews of Fleck water softeners.

New D-backs pitching coach Nagy joins Chuck and Vince

Charles Nagy has an interesting job this season. The former All-Star with the Cleveland Indians is the new pitching coach of the Arizona Diamondbacks–a team with a lot of young hurlers in their starting rotation and a lot of new faces in their rebuilt bullpen.

Nagy joined the show on Wednesday morning to talk about his task of guiding the Diamondbacks pitching staff this season.